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Name:Ianto Jones (Shrouded-'verse)
Birthdate:Aug 19
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Name: Ianto Jones
Fandom: Torchwood
Media: TV show/graphic novel
Played bymatrixrefugee
Physical description: WHAT DO THEY LOOK LIKE?
Personality: Forget about reuniting this guy with Jack Harkness, because this Ianto would as soon kill the ex-Time Agent as look at him, though he's aware of the futility of doing that. The thought makes him feel better, he'd be the first to admit.
Short biography: Caution: Contains heavy spoilers for the comic-strip story "Shrouded", featured in the official Torchwood magazine and scripted by Gareth David Lloyd, aka Ianto's PB.

Born to a working class family in Cardiff, Wales, Ianto had a rocky relationship with his family: his father broke his leg when he was a kid (which suggests there may have been some abuse involved), but Ianto was rather close to his older sister Rhiannon, who looked out for him. He apparently went through somewhat of a wild phase in his teens, since he had a minor conviction for shoplifting at age fifteen -- also got lippy with the judge, a factor which surprises those who know him as a fairly quiet individual.

After a short stint in university, he worked a series of odd jobs, eventually getting a job as a junior researcher at Torchwood Three, in London. This lasted until 2007, when the Battle of Canary Wharf resulted in the destruction of Torchwood's London facility. Ianto managed to survivw

(We suspect some of the changes might have been a mild Take That on the part of Gareth David Lloyd; after some of the more horrid manifestations of the fans' reaction to Children of Earth, and if that's the case, this typist doesn't blame him.)
Superhuman Abilities: None, he's a plain vanilla mortal.
Unusual or Magical Possessions: Will be arriving with a wrist strap vortex manipulator, but the bells and whistles on it will only work sporadically
In-game canon: To be played out...

Interests (6):

killing jack harkness, not being cheated on, not being lied to, revenge, the time agency, time travel
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